Saturday, April 25, 2015

Garlic Experiment Update #2

Since I'm on the subject of experiments going on at this little place here, I thought some readers might be curious as to how my garlic is doing.

It's growing!  As far as I can tell, the garlic I 'planted' in plastic cups (Too Late? Time Will Tell) and stuck down in my cellar in February, then transplanted outside once the ground thawed in March (Garlic Experiment Update) is right on track as if I had properly planted it outdoors last fall.

I can't wait for harvest time to get here in late July so I can see if the garlic heads are as big this year as in a normal year.  You know--as in a year I planted them the right way: outside, in October.  I really hope they are.  Because then I will know there is an 'emergency plan' for if in future years my fall planting schedule is messed up.  Especially when dealing with seed stock that has been saved for many growing seasons.  Don't want to lose those good genetics.

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