Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.14: Barn Sweater and More

Today is a rainy Wednesday.  Now that my outdoor work is done for the morning, it's time to join Ginny and the Yarn Along.

I am still working sporadically on the Barn Sweater.  Sporadically because a lot of Spring things are going on here: the tail end of syrup making season, tending of my seedlings indoors and examining garden space outdoors to determine when the soil is ready for the earliest direct seedings (peas, beets, etc), my first chick order of the year has arrived. . . And I've been spending about half of my available crafting time working on a counted cross stitch project I had intended to have finished for DD2's graduation at the end of May.  That one, I don't think is going to make it.  It's a huge project and I can't work on it when she's around, and I can't work on it when there is too much commotion in the house because then I lose my place on the 6 page chart (yes, SIX pages of counted cross stitch chart!!)  I'm beginning to think maybe I should push it back from a graduation gift to a 'welcome to college gift' so I have a few extra months to complete it.

Anyway, I'm glad that the Barn Sweater seems to add length so quickly, because otherwise I'd be pretty discouraged with it by now.  Not it, per se, but my lack of attention to it.  Because I cannot fault the pattern one bit--it's incredibly easy to follow.

Since last week's yarn along, I have done enough to divide off for the sleeves, get a little over an inch of 'body' (after the underarm section) completed, and be on my third set of buttonholes (of seven sets).  Not bad, really, for as little time as I've given it in the past seven days.

the whole thing, so far

turned right side out, with collar folded down as it will be worn

The pictures really don't give you a true idea as to sizing.  It looks so tiny in the photos above, yet as I'm knitting it, it looks just right; like I could put it on this instant and it would be ready to wear without any blocking.

Meanwhile, remember those Rosamond socks I knit for a KAL swap last month?  Well, the recipient loved them, and also the jar of syrup I sent along with them.  She says she's never had real maple syrup before; living way down south.  She's in for a treat!

I also received the pair of Rosamond socks someone else knit for me.  To my surprise, when I opened the package, there was not only a pair of beautiful Rosamond socks in a wool/angora mix (Knit Picks Bare Hare) that is absolutely scrumptious, there was also a second pair of socks!  The second pair is in a much more utilitarian yarn (but also very comfy) that can be machine washed and are really wild and cool looking.  They are stranded socks, and now that I own a pair, I am definitely going to have to make some of these.  If I don't watch out, my pair is going to disappear; both my daughters are in lust with them.

Surprise!  Two pair of socks.

heavenly 'bunny' socks in Rosamond

 rugged, crazy, stranded socks

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  1. What a lovely surprise in your package. Love the.sweater.