Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.15: Barn Sweater Grows!

Wednesday is here again.  That means it's time to join Ginny's Yarn Along  and see what everyone has on their needles.

I have gotten a whole lot of knitting done in the past week.  What with DS2's canoe competition down in Ohio last weekend, there were lots of hours that I got to knit.  Riding in the car to Toledo and back while DH drove, I knit. During the oral presentations of all the teams, I listened and I knit.  And the waiting times between the races that DS2 paddled in, I knit.  Lots and lots of knitting.

Which means that the Barn Sweater has grown to more than twice the size it was for last week's yarn along!  Now when people ask me what I'm knitting, and I hold it up they say "Oh!  It's a sweater!"  and are extremely impressed.  Which is much better for the ego than when I had a wad of knitting in my lap and held it up and they cocked their heads from one side to another like a dog trying to figure out what some strange object is.  It most definitely looks like a sweater now.

the back

the front

I am all the way down to the pockets, and have only another 1/2" to go on the pocket trim.  After that I will be in the home stretch for the body portion, with only 2 more button holes to go (they are approx 3" apart; so roughly 6" of body needing to be knit).  I'm hoping to be able to do all that this week, so that next week I can announce I only have sleeves and pocket linings left to knit.

How are your knitting projects coming along?

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