Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.16: A Body

It is early on Wednesday as I'm typing this; DH had to leave for work before 6:00, but I don't leave until about 7:00, so I'm using my 'extra' hour to get ready to post this as soon as I return from work later this morning.  (I'm guessing Ginny won't have the Yarn Along link up before 7:00 a.m.)

The sky is changing from indigo to denim blue, and tiny snow flakes (yes, snow flakes--thermometer reads 28F) are falling from the blueness.  An owl just went gliding by, over my back yard. That was a surprise!  Very cool.  Although I protest getting up early just as much as the next person, I do love the pre-dawn time of day.  There are things happening then that you just can't experience at any other time.

Last week I said I was hoping to finish the main part of my Barn Sweater by today.  I'm happy to say I met that goal.  

no doubt about it; it's a sweater!

The body of the sweater is done, and I have started working on the sleeves.  I am using the full-length sleeve option in the pattern rather than the 3/4 sleeve.  Just personal preference; my arms are a tad on the long side and 3/4 sleeves usually fall just about the bend in my elbow where they feel rather funny and distracting.  So, it's full sleeve for me, and I'll push them up when I wear them if needed.

After the sleeves, all that will be left to knit is the pocket linings for the two front pockets--shown with blue stitch holders in the above pic.  My goal is to get this thing finished by the end of the month.  DH and I will be heading up to the Upper Peninsula for DS2's college graduation then, and I'm betting the mornings and evenings there will be cool enough that I'll have the chance to wear this sweater.  (On a side note, found out yesterday that he is not only graduating with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, but he kept his grades up so high all four years of college that he will graduate summa cum laude!)

almost 3" of sleeve completed so far


  1. No doubt it is a sweater! It's still snowing where you are - geez!!! I am so over winter. Good luck with your goal of finishing by the end of the month - you can do it!

  2. Your barn sweater is really coming along beautifully. It's on my list of patterns to make. Have a great trip to the UP. I have a nephew who is a doctor up there. It's beautiful scenery.

  3. Congratulations to your son. Your sweater is coming along nicely.