Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.17: So Not Done

Joining in with Ginny on a beautiful Wednesday for this week's Yarn Along.

Well, I was hoping to show you a finished Barn Sweater this week.  It ain't happenin' (to use my best bad grammar).

Nope.  Not finished.  Too many warm--and semi-warm- day outdoor activities in the past seven days.  Had I not spent approximately an hour garage saling on my way home from work Friday (found some knitting supplies for cheap and got strange looks buying them in my dusty barn clothes and rubber knee boots), 6 hours at an auction on Sunday (got some great deals there), and 4 hours helping out at the horse farm I used to work at (oh silly me, when will I learn to say "NO"?!?) I could have finished my sweater by last night.

But, no.  I spent those 11 or so hours doing outdoorsy stuff in addition to the outdoorsy stuff I needed to get done at this little place here, and knitting time was next to nil for me in the past week.

I did, however, finish one sleeve and get about 3.5" done on the other.  With 18 hours of driving coming up in the next few days--to the U.P. and back for DS2's college graduation--the Barn Sweater will be finished by Monday.  So, we will all have to wait until next week for the big I Finished It! post and pictures.

Meanwhile, here are a few pics of my great 'all for $5' garage sale knitting stuff finds.

odds and ends worth more than $5
stitch markers, stitch holders, needle point protectors,
and dishcloth yarn leftovers

vintage Leewards yarn winder
(found similar one on eBay right now for $35!!)

yarn bowl definitely worth more than $5;
and it's locally made, according to the tag still attached

Now for the this-is-as-far-as-I-got sweater pic, posed on our new hammock that was a $6 auction bargain:

How are your knitting projects coming?  How about garage sale or auction finds you've come across lately?

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  1. You have inspired me to do some yard saling this weekend. I remember Leewards from when I was a kid! Looking forward to seeing your sweater finished soon.