Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Photo Dump

I have been so busy the past week.  Still catching up, but I wanted to post some pics taken in the last seven days before I do my Yarn Along post tomorrow (how can it nearly be Wednesday again all ready?!?).

I ordered 4 blueberry bushes from the conservation district, and received five!
Planted them out behind the marsh near where we put in a bunch of pine trees several years ago (blueberries love acidic soil, and pine needles are acidic. . .)
then fenced them securely against the deer.

DH brought some more pine seedlings home from up north recently,
so I planted those in various spots around the front half of the property.

The chickens are loving the warm weather;
the earthworms have surfaced!

My hyacinth are in bloom in the front flower bed

My forsythia bushes are in full bloom too

A bright Lake Superior sunset
as seen from the cabin we stayed in for DS2's graduation

A dilute Lake Superior sunset 
(night #2 was cloudy)

Serene Lake Superior sunrise on graduation day

DS2 with his degree

U.P. back road with a Superior view
(the road is so little traveled I actually had DH stop the suburban 
while I got out and stood in the middle of the road to take this picture!)

After graduation, DS2 took DH and I on a hike.
Still a little snow in some areas of the woods in the upper elevations.
Temperature was about 60 degrees in this spot.

Rose I received with my honorary FFA degree at DD2's chapter banquet on Sunday evening.

 2 week old ewe lamb at the sheep farm where DD2 works

Curious lambs

The 3 month old Suffolk wethers DD2 purchased as her FFA project for the county fair this summer

Love me some orange tulips

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