Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.20: The Moose Drool Story

It is a beautiful sunny Wednesday here in mid-Michigan.  Joining in Ginny's weekly Yarn Along today.

I have done little knitting in the past week.  Mostly due to getting ready for DS1 & K2's wedding this Saturday(!!) and sending out invites to DD2's high school graduation open house (in two weeks).  However, I have gotten a little bit done on the Zigzagular Socks I mentioned in last week's yarn along post.  Enough time spent knitting to have gotten the cuff and one pattern repeat done on the leg of sock #1.

starting to zig & zag

I love this yarn!  It is from Mountain Girl Yarns, you can find the shop on Etsy. The yarn is superwash merino, hand dyed in Montana, and it is such a joy to work with!  Absolutely no problem so far with splitting, and it slides along my wooden needles easily yet doesn't fall off--working ktbl and purl cable stitches without a single dropped stitch so far!

I have to confess that I bought this yarn on a whim.  I had followed the blog of the owner of Mountain Girl Yarns for a while, including when she talked about setting up her Etsy shop, and I had looked at her yarns before.  This time, I happened to be looking at new colorways she had just listed, and saw this one:  Moose Drool.

Now, Moose Drool is the name of the brown ale micro brew (brewed in Montana, what a coincidence!) that turned me on to beer.  I was all of thirty years old and did not like beer, didn't drink beer, when DH took me on a delayed honeymoon (8.5 years after we were married--yes, that was quite a delay!) snowmobiling out in Yellowstone National Park.  While out to dinner one night, he asked what local brews might be on tap (this was the early 2000s, before micro brews became so widely available), and was intrigued by the name Moose Drool when the waitress listed the two or three served at that establishment.  So he ordered one.  And, when it arrived, it smelled so good, that I, the beer hater, asked if I could have just one taste.

Well, that one taste was totally unlike any beer I had ever tasted in my life.  This was not the same caliber of beer as the pale yellow stuff in cans.  Nor was it the same as the pale yellow stuff found in glass bottles for a higher price.  This was good!  This, I was interested in actually drinking!

The snowmobile/honeymoon trip also included hot tubbing during a snowfall, where I actually drank my very first bottle of beer (at 30!!).  It was an enjoyable, relaxing trip, one of the very few we'd taken sans children in our 8.5 years of marriage to that point, and it was also where I got interested in drinking craft beer.  Which is somewhat funny that it took a trip to Montana and a locally made micro brew there to get me to like beer; because by then DH had been homebrewing (yellow stuff) for nearly a year and a half.

Anyway, when I saw this yarn on Etsy, loved the colors in it, and read the name Moose Drool, I had to buy it. I had to.  It was fate or something.  I knew it was meant to be a pair of socks for me.  Montana socks.  Beer socks.  I mean, the colors were even the same as on the Moose Drool label. How could this not be a sure sign that I was supposed to buy a skein of this yarn?  So I did.

All I needed was the perfect pattern.  And along came the Zigzagular socks on one of Ginny's Yarn Along links.  

Zigzagular.  That was it!  That was the perfect pattern for my Moose Drool socks.  Because, if I drink two bottles of Moose Drool, I tend to walk kind of zigzagular myself.  :0)

I believe in fate.  I also believe that sometimes God has a pretty cool sense of humor.


  1. That chaise sitting in the sun looks so inviting. It's chilly and spitting rain here in central Indiana today. And the color of that yarn is great - both the actual color - and the name! Moose Drool! :^)

  2. Hilarious! last week, I thought Moose Drool was a funny name for yarn. It is even funnier as the name of a beer! It sure is knitting up nicely. I may need to get me some Moose Drool too (the non-alcoholic version!)

  3. Good luck at the wedding today! Love the colour of the yarn.