Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.22: Just a Little

Happy Yarn Along Day!  It is a beautiful, breezy, blue sky, sunny Wednesday at this little place here.  Joining Ginny briefly for this week's yarn along.

I have had a crazy busy week since the last yarn along.  Which means my Moose Drool sock has been pretty neglected.  I managed to knit on it for maybe an hour or so total.  That little bit was enough to finish the leg, do the heel flap and turn the heel on sock #1.

Picking up the gusset and doing the foot will have to wait until after this weekend, as DD2 graduated from high school last Sunday and we are all busily prepping for her open house to be held this Saturday.  Graduation open houses at this little place here are no small matter.  I believe invites, either official paper, photo, facebook, or word of mouth have been sent to 150+ relatives, friends, teammates, band geeks, drama club participants, church family, neighbors, etc.  Attendance at the open houses of my offspring typically hits the 100-person mark, with 60 people seated and eating at any one time.

That's a lot of food to prepare.  DH will be roasting a pig, as is tradition. I will be baking the cake and preparing all the rest of the food, as is tradition.  There will be an enormous bonfire after dark, as is tradition.  It will be exhausting, but fun too.  As is tradition.

So, a short yarn along post today, because I have just a *little* cleaning and prepping to do.


  1. That yarn looks lovely tucked in there with your irises. :^) Having graduated our youngest last year (complete with a large graduation party), we've enjoyed being happy relaxed guests at the many open houses we've attended this spring. Best wishes on a beautiful day spent in the company of wonderful people.

  2. I do just love that yarn!
    All the best for your 'little' gathering! It sounds like heaps of fun. We have to light our bonfires in winter here, due to bushfire risk. So we have one ready to go for a winter gathering soon.

  3. Sounds like a fab tradition, have a lovely day. Your sock looks gorgeous and the yarn bowl is lovely.