Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.24: Not Much

Joining Ginny today for the weekly Yarn Along, although again I have not much progress to show.  It's hard not to get discouraged by how long these very simple socks are taking me; I know I'm capable of cranking out an entire pair in a month, and yet after five yarn along posts in which I talk about this particular pair, I still have not finished the first sock!

However, and the only reason I'm not totally discouraged at this point, the last seven weeks of my life have been incredibly busy.  I know that it is about impossible for me to get crafting types of projects done this time of year in a 'normal' year: one in which I don't have two kids graduating and another getting married all in a month's time frame.  Because this is gardening season, and my garden is a huge one. Which means gardening comes before crafting.  It is also haying season, except, since we've had only one three-day straight spell without rain since Memorial Day, my hayfield still remains uncut waiting for a long enough swath dry of weather.

So, I have to look at my not-much-more-knit sock from week to week and think about all the hours spent working at other (mostly seasonal) things instead.  Like hand-weeding the garden since it is way too muddy for tiller or hoe, yet the weeds are growing by leaps and bounds daily.  Hand-weeding 30-foot long rows takes quite a bit of time, time I used to spend knitting. But then again, in the fall when the garden is done for the year, I'll get all those hours back with my knitting needles.  Plus, I'll have all sorts of good stuff to eat from a summer of growing and putting up garden bounty.

For now, to distract everyone (including me) from how similar my sock looks to last week's yarn along, I will pose it in the flowerbed with what's currently blooming that has not yet been a sock photo background.

in the lamium

the whole thing so far

in the cranesbill

Of course, where my knitting is, the Yarn Thief isn't very far away.


  1. You have a yarn thief too! He (or she) is absolutely stunning (I have a soft spot for black cats, though mine is a tabby). I'm totally with you on not having enough time to knit when there's so much to do at this time of year, but I loved reading about your garden. Looking forward to seeing more of your sock. :)

  2. The sock looks great so far - wonderful colourway! Sounds like the garden is amazing. Good luck with the haying - we have had solid rain all week so far here (but it is winter!)

  3. It's such a busy time of year, but the sock looks great nonetheless!