Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.31: To the Toe!

Joining Ginny's Yarn Along on another beautiful and not too hot summer Wednesday.   Hard not to be in a good mood with weather like this.  Plus, I got off work about an hour early this morning (I so love that if I work 'long' on one day, the boss is totally fine with me taking off as soon as the essentials are taken care of on another day) and got to see my morning glories fully opened.

As I had predicted, not a whole lot of knitting got done last week. I did manage to finish the foot of Dad's sock all the way down to where the toe decrease starts.  In the home stretch now!  There's just something about reaching the toe (on a top-down sock) that feels like a second wind. Almost done, less stitches every other round, this part is a breeze.

My plan (or should I say, my hope) is that I can finish the toe in the next day or two, then get the second sock cast on.  In 9 days it will be time to take DD2 up to college, which means long car rides there and back: perfect sock knitting time.  Perhaps I will be able to get sock #2 just about completed on that trip.

Meanwhile, I have 9 days to finish that Celtic Cables wash cloth I showed a picture of last week.  I didn't take a new pic of it for today since I only managed to get 2 rows added since the last Yarn Along.  I should be able to knock that out in nine days.  I mean, it's only a wash cloth, right?  Only 40-some stitches to the row.  With cables. Lots and lots of cables in a pattern that is different every row. . .  which is why knitting the sock has been my 'quick knit for half an hour' project of choice in the past week.


  1. Lovely sock - I love that colour.

  2. I love the Morning Glories! Very nice sock, too. :)