Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.45: Little Socks

It has been a busy, windy, rainy day at this little place here.  I'm sliding into the Yarn Along quite a few hours later than normal.

Not a whole lot of knitting in the past week; in addition to the hours upon hours I spent deer hunting, I've also been working on a sewing project and the counted cross stitch project that is beginning to feel like it will never end.

However, I did finish the pair of Jellybean's Special Socks that I was knitting as one of K3's Christmas presents.  In the interest of full disclosure, I was working on the heel of sock #2 when she spied the completed sock #1 in my knitting bag, took it out, recognized it as a sock, and put it on her foot (in the innocence of a 3 yr old, I don't think she ever realized it was a sock for her versus just a small sock).  Well, apparently even though I measured her footprint (on a project she made in preschool recently) and made the sock to that length, when it was actually on her foot, the sock was a little snug.  Definitely no growing room.

So, I made sock #2 an inch longer than sock #1, then went back, took out the toe of the first sock, added an inch to the foot of that one, knit the toe again, and had a matching pair.  Or, pretty close to matching, anyway, as the stripes in the yarn didn't come out quite exact from one sock to the other.

Then I started a sock for Toad, in another skein of Regia with a blue colorway (but unfortunately, not striping; when I bought it I thought it was self-striping like the pink skein).  After K3 had tried on the sock from by bag the other day, he'd wanted it on his foot too (at 15 months old, he's very much into copying everything his sister does).  That size fit him well with some room for growth, so I will make his socks to the measurements I'd originally intended for his sister.

Late last night, (as I was waiting for DH to stop snoring enough that I could get back to sleep), I finished the first sock of Toad's pair.  Didn't get a chance yet today to cast on for the second sock, but the night is young here still, LOL.

Meanwhile, I requested from the library a book recently suggested by a reader of this little place here.  The Soil Will Save Us by Kristin Ohlson.  It came in earlier this week, and so far (Chapter two, I think) I am finding it interesting.

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