Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Yarn Along 2015.46: Finished Sock and a Good Book

It's late, but it's still Wednesday, so I'm joining Ginny's Yarn Along again this week.

Again, not much knitting happening this week. I did finish sock #2 of Toad's Christmas socks.  At first, I was a little disappointed that the yarn wasn't self-striping, like the yarn I had used for K3's socks.  But, now that the socks are done, I do like the way the yarn is dyed.  I just wish I had picked up an extra stitch on one side of the gusset and then did a K2tog somewhere before getting to the foot.  Would have avoided the little gusset hole. But, I guess Toad won't mind.

I have some yarn set aside for my next knitting project, which will be a pair of socks for DD1, hopefully in time for Christmas.   I'm going to make them in Knit Picks Comfy, which is cotton, because she complains that her feet are always hot when she wears shoes  and she can't wear the wool socks I made her a few years ago because then her feet sweat.

The colorway is called Blackberry, which is a deep purple.

This week, I read a really good book.  It was my 'hunting' read, meaning it was the book I put in my hunting bag at the beginning of the season, and have read only during slow spells in the tree stand or deer blind.  This week has been really slow hunting, for several days there was no fresh sign at all and none of us saw deer.  So I got a lot of reading done.

Desire Lines was interesting to read, right from the start.  A few scenes were a little more, um, descriptive, than I prefer to read (romantic situation), but mostly it is a mystery type of story more than a romance novel.

That's all for this week; I hear the oven timer going off, which means it's time for me to get back to my pre-Thanksgiving pie baking.  All from scratch, of course: pumpkin, pecan, and dutch apple.  I'll be feeding a crowd of seventeen tomorrow, so hopefully a variety of pies will satisfy everyones' sweet tooth.

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