Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Yarn Along 2016.13: Wednesday Again

I surely didn't intend to go a week between blog posts, but here it is Wednesday again all ready.  It's been a busy week, especially since Thursday evening.  DD1 was in a car accident on her way home from work on Thursday, and while she is okay (with the exception of a banged up wrist necessitating a wrist brace),  her car was not okay.  DH and I have been dealing with the towing and disposal of said car an hour and a half away from this little place here, plus trying to figure out what to replace it with and how to finance that.  In the meantime,  DD1 took the pick-up truck back to school with her after visiting us over Easter (big thank you to Honorary Son for rescuing her the evening of the accident and driving her to this little place here after school on Friday!).  Being that the pick-up is 18 years old, and not well suited for city driving or college parking (including parking ramps) it can only be a short-term fix for her need for transportation.

So, here it is Wednesday again before I know it. I'm joining in with Ginny for this week's Yarn Along before I forget!

I finished my March dish cloth (the garterlac pattern) sometime before the weekend.  At this point I don't remember if it was Wednesday night, or Thursday after getting the phone call about DD1's accident.  Anyway, it's completed.

I've worked a bit on sock #2 of DS1's extra large sized Vanilla Latte socks.  There hasn't been a whole lot of knitting going on in the past five or six days, honestly.  I'm roughly halfway through the leg portion of the sock.

As predicted last week, when we got together at my parents' place for Easter my Mom gave me a skein of yarn that she would like me to make her some socks with.  She had bought it last October while she and I were doing the yarn shop hop.  Funny thing, it's the same brand of yarn that I am doing DS1's socks in, also self-striping but in a different colorway.  His is Opal Forester, and Mom's is Opal Potpourri. The striped socks I made for her last year I used the Vanilla Latte pattern, but truth be told, since I'm using that pattern for DS1's socks, I'm not really feeling like doing another pair of those right now.  I think I will try the Hermoine's Everyday Sock pattern instead.  That one has been in my queue for a while.

Thankfully Mom said 'no hurry' on getting her socks made, because my only set of 2.5mm needles is currently employed in DS1's socks.  So now I will have to finish those before starting on Mom's socks.  I might have to do my April dish cloth early in the month in order to get a breather from sock knitting if I get tired of  bored  restless working on DS1's ginormous sock. ;0)

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  1. Glad to hear DD was not badly injured in the accident. Hopefully, the vehicle situation is cleared up soon. That dishcloth is really awesome looking. Love the stitch pattern!