Thursday, April 7, 2016

Deer Selfies

Many years ago, Mother-in-law got DH a trail cam for Christmas.  It was a so-so model, took pictures that occasionally weren't too dark, too overexposed, or too blurry, and it ate batteries like crazy.  Especially during the actual deer hunting season when the weather is cold.  Through the years we got a few decent pictures from it, and DH liked being able to 'see' what deer were moving around out in our woods.

In 2015, DH upgraded to a newer trail cam with much better photo capabilities, and way better battery life (it has gone for over six months now--'living' outside the whole time--on the same set of batteries and takes a ton more pictures than the old one did).  We are really enjoying seeing not just the deer out in the woods, but also the other critters this trail cam takes identifiable pictures of; in the dark, in the light, all with day and time stamps right down to the second.  (Which, for sharing here, I cropped off.)

Some of the pictures are interesting, and some are just downright humorous.  I've taken to calling the humorous ones "Deer Selfies".  As in, if deer took selfies the way humans do.

"oops, wrong angle"

"shoot, that's not it either"

"getting closer, at least"

"Got it!  This one is going to be my new profile pic on Facebook."

Looks like someone got ahold of Mom's phone. . . 

"Ha ha, Mom left her phone unattended again"

Gonna send this one to Grandma, she'll love it;
 then Mom won't be mad at me for taking pictures with her phone.

When teenagers hang out, chances are sooner or later somebody's gonna get mooned.

"Hey guys, did you know there is a whiskey called 'Wild Turkey'? 
That's me; I'm a  wild turkey.  Get it?  Get it?"

"Always look both ways before crossing the road, that's what Mom always said."

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