Saturday, April 30, 2016

Journey of 1,000 Miles

1,000 miles.  That's how far it is, round trip, from home to DD2's college dorm and back.  That's how far DH and I went between 7:30 a.m. Thursday and 5:00 p.m. Friday.  Yeah.  Long drive, short stay, and long drive again.

But, during that short stay, we got to do several enjoyable local things.
  1. Tour the Forestry building, where most of the classes for DD2's major are held.  So many cool outdoorsy things.  Not just the labs and class rooms, but the woodworking in the walls and benches of the hallways.  The artwork hanging on the walls.  The wood samples hung like a giant pictures. . .
  2.  Dinner of pasties from Roy's.  Because, Roy's. Because, delicious. Because, authentic U.P. pasties. I had their chicken pasty for the first time.  YUM!!!  Definitely going to try to figure out the recipe so I can make it at home (I've been making 'traditional' style pasties for decades now.)
  3. Beer at KBC.  Because, micro brews.  Because, KBC is awesome.  Great beer, great environment.  And, for the underage, they make their own soda in-house.  Thursday's flavor was vanilla cream soda.
  4. Stock up on some great Vollwerth's meats for grilling at home this summer.
  5. Take a sauna.  (Not saw-na.  Sow-na)  If you've never had a good U.P. sauna, you haven't lived.  The heat.  The humidity.  The sweat flowing from your body, taking toxins and tensions with it.  (And then, if it's winter, you go jump in the snowbank!).  Ahhh!
It was great.  Only wish we could have stayed longer than just sixteen hours before hitting the road again.  We had hoped to have time to hike to one of the less remote waterfalls before dark, but after moving DD2 out of the dorm, packing her entire school year's worth of belongings into the back of the Suburban, then having dinner, there wasn't quite enough daylight left for hiking.  

View from the window ledge near the front door of KBC.

There is always new and different local artwork and crafts;
this time we spotted a really cool wolf and moose mobile.

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