Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Yarn Along 2016.16: All Over But The Grafting

Quickly joining Ginny for this week's Yarn Along (while I eat lunch before heading out again on my second very busy day in a row).

I finished up my ZickZack dish cloth near the end of last week.

Then I turned my knitting endeavors to making lots of headway on sock#2 of DS1's vanilla latte socks.  It was a weekend full of great weather and lots of outdoor activities, plus having the grandkids over to play for several hours on Sunday afternoon, but I did manage to do some fireside knitting both Saturday and Sunday evenings.  Gotta love knitting by the 'camp' fire.  Then some more knitting Monday night and just a little last night.

Which brought me to the toe of DS1's sock.  And then suddenly, as toe decreases tend to go, it was done.  All over but the grafting, which I shall finish sometime later today, most likely after the sun sets.  This will probably be the last time I post a photo of these particular socks, because the coming week looks fairly busy and I suspect I'll forget to take a picture of them after I kitchener the toe on this sock.

I picked up Beverly Lewis's newest book, The Atonement, from the library last night, but haven't read more than the prologue so far.  I'll report on it next week.  Until then, Happy Knitting, everyone!

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