Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Yarn Along 2016.29: Sweltering

Joining Ginny for this week's Yarn Along as I melt in the heat and humidity today.  5.5 hrs in the horse barns this morning, and I was worn out.  Been moving slowly this afternoon, trying to get things done at home.  Too hot to weed the garden--heat index is currently at 99 degrees. . . Too hot to bake a chocolate zucchini cake, although the garden is pumping out zucchini like crazy. . .  Too hot to ride my horse. . .  Too hot for much of anything other than short bursts; 15 minutes outside, then 1/2 hour inside. Cycling back and forth so that I can get the important tasks done, like keeping the chickens, turkeys and cats watered.  And hanging laundry; one good thing about this heat; even jeans are drying quickly on the line! And repairing the hammock, where one of the ropes gave out, so that we can recline outdoors in the shade.  In another hour or so it will be time to light the charcoal in the grill, so that I can cook dinner outside: pork loin and diced potatoes (potatoes cooked in a foil packet). Maybe I'll grill one of those zucchini. . .

I'm afraid that tonight will be too hot even for sleep; DH has been running the fan in the bedroom, and the noise plus the air blowing on my face keeps me awake.  A quirk of mine, I guess, I don't like fans blowing on me (or air conditioning either).  It's just not the same as a breeze coming in the window.  I'm also a light sleeper, so the hum of the fan motor is an irritant rather than a relaxation inducing white noise.   DH doesn't handle heat well, so he needs the fan on. It's one of those Catch 22's of marriage.  I'm beginning to understand how happily married spouses can end up in separate bedrooms.  LOL.

Anyway, it's time to show how far along I am on my Solar sock this week.  Not very far.  Through the heel, and ready to work on the foot.  Had a family reunion to attend last weekend, and did not get any knitting done at all those three days.  I think I managed a dozen rows on Monday night, and maybe another dozen last night.  It's a fast pattern to knit, just not much time spent with the needles lately.

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