Thursday, September 8, 2016

Life, It's A Changin'. . .Again

The past three weeks have brought many changes to me.  Several trips.  An empty nest.  I also quit my job at one horse farm, and almost immediately got hired at another (to start next week, since this week was mostly vacation).  This is definitely a time of flux at this little place here.

In addition to those things, the garden is pumping out veggies like crazy.  The pear and apple trees in the orchard are ripening in succession by variety, so there is fruit to put up alongside the tomatoes and green beans and broccoli and onions and peppers and potatoes that need to be attended to and readied for storage (either in jars, in the freezer, or in cool storage either damp--the cellar--or dry--the basement.) I'm realizing that with only two mouths to feed on a daily basis, I don't need to put up nearly as much food as I have done in past years.  There is a strong possibility that my kids are each going to get a bunch of home grown and preserved food as Christmas gifts this year.

While in the midst of all that preserving the season's bounty urgency, I am trying to plan out some projects, and some goals for various things.  Such as family Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers (it's DH and my turn to host his family for the holidays *sigh*), and Christmas gifts to craft, and riding goals for the next six months.

And could I, maybe, possibly, talk DH into doing the interior trim work on the house, finally?  We have all the wood for it, oak that came from a friend's property a dozen years ago and we had milled about ten years ago.  We have all the wood trimming this house could need, and most of what we need for window and door trim we even planed and cut to size eight years ago.  That was when DH and I had differing opinions on the design details of the trim work and the project got shelved. He wanted just plain, flat boards; I wanted twin channels routered in each piece.  I still think those parallel lines would look best, but you know what?  I'm to the point that I'd welcome even plain wood work.  Criminy, we've lived here for thirteen years and I just want the house to finally look finished!

Which would actually add to my projects for this coming winter, as I have window treatments picked out to make for about half the windows and the two patio sliding doors (and even have fabric purchased for them) but need finished interior dimensions for those openings before I can sew up my decor.  Dimensions that won't be accurately known until the trim work is installed.

But let's not get bogged down in that.  For now, now that I should be done traveling for a good long while, I'm aiming to do more blogging.  Especially since I missed yesterday's Yarn Along even though I've gotten a good bit of knitting accomplished in the past week.

Tomorrow is another day.  And hopefully the start of multiple blog posts per week.  After all, I have several vacation pictures I could bore you with.  Because I know everyone just loves to sit through a presentation of someone else's vacation photos.  :0)

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