Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Yarn Along 2016.40: Did/Didn't

Happy Wednesday!  It is a beautiful, sunny, autumn day at this little place here, with about half of the trees finally showing their fall colors.  I am joining Ginny this afternoon for this week's Yarn Along.

In the past seven days I haven't done much knitting.  I've done a lot of riding (five times!), some badly needed cleaning/purging of the mudroom closet, the big monthly grocery shopping, dug four rows of potatoes, and helped DH retrieve and process the buck he harvested on Friday night, among other things (like, say, work, cooking, washing dishes, doing laundry, etc.), but I haven't hardly knit at all.

I did finish the first of the striped socks I am making for my Dad's Christmas present.  Well, finished if you don't count the fact that I need to weave in all those ends still.

What I didn't do is knit more than the cast on and first nine rows of the second sock.  I'll have to put in more knitting time in the coming week if I want to finish this pair on schedule (the end of October).

I did finish the book I was reading last week, The Year I Met You.  I really enjoyed the story, and recommend it if you want something that is light and easy to read, yet makes you think a bit too.

I didn't start a new book yet.  I've been reading selected articles in the current issue of Dressage Today magazine instead.

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  1. The sock looks great, good luck fitting in some time to get the second one done:)