Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Yarn Along 2017.6

Happy Wednesday!  It's time to join Ginny's Yarn Along.

This week, it looks like I haven't done much knitting. But it feels like I have, and I know I have.  It just doesn't look like it.  That's because each row of my Knusa shawl is now somewhere in the realm of 400 stitches, and it takes me close to an hour to do two rows; one of which is all purls.  But, the lace work is coming along.  Coming slowly, but coming.  It's really hard to photograph, though.

I have completed about 1/3 of the lace rows now.  Even though lace is probably one of my favorite things to knit (it's the detail work, I'm all about details), I have to admit that on this number of stitches --and still growing!-- I am a little frustrated by how slowly the shawl seems to be getting completed.

Wonky looking because I tried to stretch out a small section for the camera without losing any off needles. The cable is getting really full of stitches.

Because of how slowly it seems I am progressing despite actually spending a fair amount of time knitting this past week, I think I'm going to give in to temptation and start on Mom's socks.  Knitting rows with only 64 stitches is like instant gratification--I can see tons of progress in an hour's worth of knitting.  Hopefully if I work a little on socks and more on the shawl, I will be more motivated to knit than I have been the last two days.

This is the yarn she picked out for me to use.  The camera actually did a fairly decent job on the colors. The yarn is also self-striping, so should make a really cute pair of socks even using a simple (and therefore fast) pattern.

I've also been plugging away at reading a book.  It is A Year on Ladybug Farm by Donna Ball.  Sometimes I don't like it (and tend to set it aside for several days) and sometimes I really love it and read chapters and chapters in a sitting.  The storyline is good, it's just some of the details are not always realistic according to my own personal experiences.  Some of the character interactions also grate me a little bit because they don't line up with my own beliefs.  But, those are just bit parts, here and there, and overall I'd say it's a good book and I'll probably read the sequel.

There you have it: my knitting and reading this week.

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  1. 400 stitches - those rows can be endless! Looks great! And its always hard to photograph knits before they're blocked - love the wonky!