Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Yarn Along 2017.10

I am joining Ginny for the Yarn Along on this incredibly windy Wednesday.  (How windy is it?  Well, driving home from work I passed a road that was closed because the power lines on either side of it had blown down).

Mom's socks are finished!  As you can see, they came out almost but not quite with the stripes lined up. I wish the camera would do justice to the colors, as they are really pretty socks.

I've worked a bit on the Little Shore cardigan for Toad, but not much.  I had it hidden away during the weekend, as we had both K3 and Toad from Friday through Sunday evening.  I think I am about a dozen rows in at this point.  The camera makes the yarn look rather pinky-red, but it really is more of a candy apple red color.  Very bright.

Yesterday I also cast on for DD2's surprise Peru socks.  I am planning to have them done by the middle of May in time for her to take them with her when she goes for her study abroad trip.  I am using the Tendril sock pattern that I made these socks with in December.


  1. I love those socks!! What great colors. Very smart idea for sock blockers!

  2. I'm just getting interested in socks--I recently learned magic loop and now I'm curious to try them! (I really hate working on dpns, and so have been put off before now). Those socks are really lovely!!

  3. Gorgeous yarn colour for the socks - and the new yarn as well.

  4. the socks are really nice! very colorful! good luck on your shawl and the surprise socks!