Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Garlic and Onions (November #5)

I am thankful for garlic and onions.  I love to eat them.  And I seem to have gotten the hang of growing them, so we are rarely without either one at this little place here.

Venison is awesome with garlic and onions.  My favorite beef pot roast recipe calls for big slices of onion cooked on top of the roast.  Sloppy joes also require onions, as do hot dogs and hamburgers.  And pizza!  Pizza just isn't the same without onions. Sometimes I just saute an onion in butter and eat that for lunch.  Mmmm.

Some people say not to eat garlic or onions because they give you bad breath.  I don't care.  They taste good.  Besides, they keep you healthy.

Yes, garlic and onions keep you healthy.  They boost your immune system.  They contain allicin (especially garlic), and allicin is a naturally occurring antibacterial and anti fungal compound.  Eat more garlic and onions, get less colds and other infections.

Good taste, and better health.  Sounds like a win-win to me.  Pass the garlic and onions, please!

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