Thursday, March 17, 2016

It Was Slightly Windy. . .

Yesterday we had some wind.  Which isn't unusual at this little place here.  Multiple days here each month  are windy ones, and more than a handful of times each year we get gusts in excess of 50 mph.

So I didn't really think much when yesterday was forecasted to be a high wind day with gusts 50+ mph.

Although I was a little surprised to come home from riding yesterday and find that we'd gone from this, just a few hours before (picture taken just before writing yesterday's yarn along post):

To this:

That would be our newest hunting blind, standing upright in the first picture, and laying down in the second.  :o(

The same blind that I took these pictures from just last November.  The blind that DH, DS1 and DS2 had just completed construction of earlier in the fall.

Guess we all know what one of the summer projects is going to be at this little place here.  That steel-sided and steel-roofed blind is going to have to be deconstructed, stood back up, posts sunk deeper into the ground and new anchor braces applied, and rebuilt before deer hunting season arrives again.


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