Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Fun With the Grandkids

This past weekend, we had K3 and Toad come visit on Sunday after church.  Other than at the parade on Memorial Day, DH and I hadn't seen them in over two weeks.  So, we made arrangements for them to come home from church with us on Sunday and stay for about five hours while K2 was working and DS1 tried to catch up on yard work and other chores at their house.

At first, the weather was kind of nasty; a thunderstorm rolled through during church and left everything wet and windy.  But, by the time we'd eaten lunch, done some coloring, and attempted to bowl in the hallway by the stairs (with a cheapy plastic bowling set I'd picked up at Goodwill the week before), the sun had come out and the ground had dried up enough for us to go outside and play.

Once K3 was tired of driving the Little Tikes tractor (another Goodwill find, last year, at $4.99) through mud puddles in the driveway, and she and Toad had inspected the 'broken tire' of our real tractor. . .

actually, the tire is fine, it just doesn't belong in the bucket

it should be on here, except

we have a 'slight' problem
(happened while hauling in firewood from the woods on Saturday evening)

. . . she asked if I would get the "colors for drawing outside".  It took me a minute or two to figure out what she meant, and then another five minutes or so to find where our old sidewalk chalk--leftover from when DD2 was younger--had gotten put after we'd played with during an April visit with them.

Both K3 and Toad like to 'color' with the sidewalk chalk, either on the cement apron in front of the garage, or on the pavers down on the patio. Because there was less wind on the patio than in front of the garage on Sunday, they chose to draw on the bumpy paving bricks.

One of their favorite things to do, when they get tired of making lines and circles and tracing their hands and feet, is to lay down and have me trace their outline in chalk.  DH calls it making a crime scene, LOL, because with those little chalk bodies lying around it does rather look like something out of a detective tv show.

This time, it especially resembled a crime scene, as the kids weren't satisfied with just being traced once each.  I think there were six small 'bodies' on the patio before they were happy.

Then, K3 wanted to 'color' me, so I lay down in one of the few remaining large areas, and let her trace around me with chalk.  I came out rather large and bloated, but at least she gave me a smiley face once moved out of the way and we could see the new 'me' on the pavers.

She even talked DH into getting his outline done. Although his person didn't get a smiling countenance.  But then again, if it looked like I'd been killed by being beaten over the head with a broom, I probably wouldn't smile either.

She even drew in his beard.  Or tried to.  It's a little shorter and more bushy in person.

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