Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Yarn Along 2016.26: And More Purple!

After a short work day followed by a great ride this morning--such a cool, beautiful morning with gorgeous blue skies--I'm back home and joining Ginny for this week's Yarn Along.

Over the weekend, I finished the penguin wash cloth I have been making for DD1.  And, since plans for vacationing with K3 and Toad changed slightly; (well, changed a lot because a 10 day vacation cut down to 4-5 days is a pretty significant difference) I decided I have enough time to knit one more wash cloth for DD1's birthday package.

So, I'm doing the chill out! pattern in yet another shade of purple yarn from my stash.  I think it might be the last skein of purple dish cloth yarn I have.  Which is okay, because I should start thinking about birthday knits for DD2, since she is next up on the birthday list (thankfully not until Fall) and she prefers blues over purple.

I have yet to begin reading, but I have a whole stack of murder mysteries from the library ready for my 'extra' vacation time--the days I will be off work (since I had all ready secured the time off from both farms) but not yet have K3 and Toad with us.  One is a horse riding themed mystery, the other two are Amish mysteries. Two of my favorite subjects.  :0)  I just can't quite decide if I should start with Murder She Rode, Falling to Pieces, or Plain Murder.

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