Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Childrens Suspenders

I don't know why, but it seems that even though K3 and Toad really have two different body types--she's built like a stick and he's more stocky, like their father--neither one of them seems to be able to keep their pants from falling down.  Doesn't seem to matter the size; some are inches too short, some are the right length, some are long, and all look like they fit in the waist.  Doesn't seem to matter whether they are denim jeans, jeans with elastic waist bands, jeans with 'adjustable' waistbands, or stretchy leggings or sweatpants. Those kids just can't keep their pants up.  Seems like every ten minutes or so they are hiking up their britches again so that they don't get tripped up by the low riding pants (or because they're resembling plumbers and some elder has told them to 'fix your pants').

And it's not just those two whose pants are constantly sliding down.  I've heard the same complaint from a few other mothers and grandmothers about their own youngsters these days.

Which makes me wonder why it is just about impossible to find child-sized suspenders in the store.  DS2 was a skinny child (his uncle nicknamed him "Stick Boy"), and from the time he was old enough to walk until he was in second or third grade, he wore suspenders to keep his pants up. He had a few pair; suspenders weren't trendy, but they weren't all that hard to find back then. Now, however, suspenders seem to be non-existent unless you want to buy them online and pay a small fortune for dressy ones from a bridal/tuxedo store or dance costume company.  Dressy ones not needed, just nice durable every day suspenders to keep pants in the proper place.

So, I decided that this grandma was just going to have to make some suspenders if K3 and Toad were going to have any luck keeping their pants up.

After finding all the necessary parts--patterned elastic, adjusters, and clips (all of which I had to get online because apparently none of the craft stores near me carry any suspender making ingredients)--it didn't take me long at all to whip up some really cute suspenders.

Seriously, not long at all.  Maybe 30 minutes, tops, to  make two sets.

I made Toad's slightly shorter than K3's, but both are adjustable and should last several years before they are outgrown.  Maybe by then the manufacturers of little kids' pants will make a product that stays in place while being worn.

K3's are a really cute light green with multi-colored polka dots.

Toad's are red with black paw prints.  He's a fan of Paw Patrol, so I have the feeling he's going to call these his "Paw 'Trol" suspenders.

I mostly followed this tutorial for making them, substituting in the triangle adjusters in the back instead of sewing the elastics together where they cross.  I figure they will fit more comfortably, longer, if they are adjustable that way and not having a 'rigid' triangle that gets lower on the back as the kid grows.

These two pair will go in their Easter baskets.  I think I'll make a few more pair to keep here in my stash of Emergency Grandkid Clothing for when they come visiting and their suspenders get left at home (which, given the disorganization of both their parents, is bound to happen.  That's the reason I started my stash of grandkid accessories in the first place.)  Plus, there's bound to be more grandkids in future years who need suspenders.  Heck, if low-rise jeans for women don't go out of fashion soon, I might make myself some suspenders.  Whatever happened to pants that sit at your waist like nature intended?

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