Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Happenings Lately

On Palm Sunday, Honorary Son proposed to DD1!  I had to keep it a secret nearly a week, until they were able to spread their good news to all the close relatives they felt needed to be told in person (versus see it on Facebook or hear it second or third hand).  As of yet, no date has been set for the upcoming nuptials, they are trying to work around the college schedules of the (intended) maid of honor and best man.  Well, and DD1's last semester of school too, which will be spent student teaching she has not heard where yet. So, the wedding could possibly be this December, or not until next May or later.

The ring belonged to my Grandmother (who passed away in December 2012).  One of her last requests was that her wedding ring go not to one of her daughters-in-law (she had only sons, no daughters of her own), not to one of her granddaughters, but to DD1 who was her first great-granddaughter (of three).

A new pancake shaping skill:  a footprint!  The toes need a little more finesse, but not bad for a first try.

Pussy willows and forsythia made an Easter centerpiece.

Since both DH and DS2 had a four day weekend, they decided to make a batch of bratwurst, jerky, and smoked snack sticks.  One little glitch--the casings they were sold to make the snack sticks with were too small for our stuffing tube--they were breakfast link size--and a last minute substitution had to be made with what other casings we had on hand.  So our snack sticks look more like kielbasa. . . DH says they are "snack logs".

Suddenly the grass is growing like crazy, the lawns and hay fields are all green, and quite a few of the trees are starting to leaf out.

The rhubarb has jumped into gear too.  If it keeps growing at this rate, I'll be able to make a pie with it next week.  I've never had fresh rhubarb for pie in April before.

Most of my daffodils are in bloom, as are the forsythia.

The hyacinths are at their peak, and the wasps have woken up from their winter's nap.  They are loving the fragrant waxy blooms.

Tulips are blooming on the south side of the house (as are the dandelions!)  The tulips in my other flower beds are nearly ready to open as well.

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