Cast Of Characters

Kris, myself, I: 1971 model, was always told by my parents not to follow the pack, but I probably took that philosophy way further than they intended.

DH: 1969 model, my beloved hubby and best friend, self-proclaimed backwoods guy, mechanical engineer with one of The Big Three.

DS1: eldest child, firstborn son, 1989 model. Self-proclaimed redneck, Marine Corps veteran, did a brief stint as a jet mechanic in the civilian world, and is now in college studying engineering.

K2: wife of DS1, mother of K3 and Toad, 1990 model. Her name is almost the same as mine. Navy veteran, in college studying to become ?? (something in health care, she hasn't settled on what).

K3: my first grandchild, 2012 model, whose name is very similar to mine. Daughter of DS1 and K2.

Toad: my first grandson, 2014 model.  Son of DS1 and K2, brother of K3.

DS2: second child, youngest son, 1993 model. Dubbed the "next leader of the free world" by one of his high school teachers, extreme type A personality & overachiever. Graduated college summa cum laude with a BSME May 2015, employed by one of The Big Three, but not the same one as DH!

DD1: third child, eldest daughter, 1994 model. Her motto best described as "anything you can do, I can do better" following on DS2's heels, yet quite a presence in her own right.  Attending college to get a degree in elementary and early childhood education.

Honorary Son: DD1's other half for nearly six years now, we consider him family.  Born in 1993, high school classmate of DD1 and former varsity soccer teammate of DS2, widely talented in music, recently graduated college with a Bachelor's degree in film and video.

DD2: fourth and final child, youngest daughter, 1997 model. In college majoring in Wildlife Ecology & Management (she wants to be a research biologist specializing in wolves) with a minor in Spanish.

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