Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Goodwill Treasure!

The other day I was out doing my shopping in the town about 15 miles away, and I stopped in at the local Goodwill store.  I tend to browse Goodwill once a month or so, mainly because it sits next door to and shares a parking lot with the farm store where I buy my chicken feed at.  Convenient, one stop shopping, LOL.

Anyway, I tried to tell myself I really didn't have time to wander through the aisles at Goodwill that day, especially since there wasn't anything in particular I was looking to pick up second hand right then.  Yet, a little part of me really wanted to go in Goodwill.  That little part of me was drawn to the store despite the tight schedule I was on.

I am so glad I gave in to that little part of me!  I found a mini tea pot in my wedding china!  The exact brand and pattern that was discontinued only a couple of years after I got married, before I had a chance to get very many pieces other than place settings.  It is in perfect condition, still has it's lid, and only cost me $1.99!!  (When I got home I looked online to see prices for identical mini teapots in that pattern and they were $36!!)


DD2 happens to be infatuated with tea, and so finding this little tea pot is made extra cool because now she can use it to steep her tea in.  When I brought it home and showed it to her, I think she may have actually been even more excited about my finding it than I was.

Lesson learned:  always listen to the little voice that tells you to go in Goodwill even if you are strapped for time.

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