Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Last Good Round of Cold

The temperatures have begun falling again at this little place here.

The weekend was nice, hovering around the freezing mark, and I finished pruning the orchard, while DH decided to haul in a few more loads of wood with the Bearcat and the dog sled.  You can never have enough wood, you know.

We lost quite a bit of snow at the end of last week.  Not counting where it was drifted, I'd say there is only about 4-5" left on the ground in most places.  And the paths we used all winter are down to bare ground now.

Yesterday, the weather turned toward the colder side again.  Temperatures are supposed to continue dropping, down, down, even getting below zero at night, until the end of this week.  Then they will slowly go back up again.

Being that this is the last week of February, I predict this cold spell will be the last good round of cold for the winter.  March is, after all, by and large a muddy month.  Can't very well have mud when your daytime high is only twenty degrees.

Besides, March is tree tapping time.  And sap doesn't really run until you have strings of days over forty degrees.

So, we're looking eagerly to this cold snap.  It is a harbinger of spring to come, of a warming trend due to start any time now.  And once that happens, things will really be hopping around here.  For after sap season comes gardening season.  Gardening season is long, and busy.  Sun up til sun down kind of work hours.

I've all ready got my seeds and onion starts ordered.  Most of my seeds have arrived.  Time to bring the seed starting supplies in from the barn and let them warm up.  Time to rearrange things in the house to make room for seed trays and grow lights.

Time to enjoy the cold, and the respite from work that winter brings, before it is gone.

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