Friday, February 28, 2014

Challenge #8: Spring Clean Your Closets!

March is right around the corner, and March means spring, whether or not the current weather conditions reflect that or not.  In the old days, spring cleaning was an annual ritual, and many people still do a scrubbing and purging in the first warm season of the year.

For this week, our challenge is to get a little start on that spring cleaning by tackling your closets.  In particular, your bedroom closets and your coat closet(s).

My plan is to start with articles of clothing in those closets, and see which items can be released from our possession.  In other words, which pieces of clothes aren't going to get worn at this little place here any more, so I might as well donate them.  Donate either to someone I know who could use that exact item (such as a child-size Carhartt coat that my kids all grew out of but will fit a little boy at church whose parents would appreciate him having it), or donate to charity such as Goodwill or Salvation Army or St. Vincent's.

Once you've gone through the clothes and outerwear, if you still have time and energy, see if there are any shoes, boots, or accessories that are also sitting around gathering dust.  And whatever else you might find stashed in your closets that you have forgotten about.

Has it still got life left in it?  Donate it.  Is it worn out beyond any future usefulness?  Trash it.

I'm betting that once you've gone through that process, your closets will suddenly be a whole lot cleaner.  Mine usually are.  And while each closet is empty from all your removing and sorting, get rid of the cobwebs in the corners and sweep or vacuum the floor.  Then put back in the things that you are keeping; the things that still have purpose for you.

What an accomplishment!  Closets done.  Now you have a big head start on your spring cleaning.

If you're feeling really ambitious, do the same with your dressers.  Then, sometime in the coming week, drop off everything you decided to donate.

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