Thursday, February 27, 2014

So It's Cold. . . That Doesn't Mean I'm Incapacitated

This is what the thermometer looked like at 8:30 a.m.  Mind you, this was after I'd gone to the horse farm, fed and watered the horses, then drove home again and fed and watered my chickens.  Also after DH had stoked the wood boiler and gone to work, DD1 had gone to work, and DD2 had gone to school.

 A little bit cold.

This is what the field looked like at the same time, since the wind was cranking about 20 mph from the north, and it was also snowing lightly.  I'd driven through pretty much white-out conditions on my way home from the horse farm ten minutes earlier.

Just for kicks and comparison, here are two pictures of my driveway.

Today, when I got home:

And, taken from just about the same spot, a few weeks ago after I'd been out plowing, when it wasn't currently blowing snow:

What is my point so far?  Well, that it is a) pretty cold out, and b) that our daily activities went as normal, despite the cold, wind, and snowy conditions.  Stoke the boiler, go to work, go to school, feed the animals.  The weather has not hindered us today.

Yesterday was cold and windy too, although minus the snow shower.  I did a lot of indoor activities yesterday, just as I have planned for today.  Yesterday I baked bread, made granola, made banana bars, made chicken and dumplings for dinner, did five loads of laundry, and sewed myself a new apron.  The weather might have kept me indoors more than usual, but it certainly didn't hamper my productivity.

my new apron

close up of apron fabric

Likewise, the weather is not incapacitating me today either.  Breakfast was made and served and eaten.  Animals have been taken care of.  Housework (and cleaning) will get done.  I'm planning to run some errands later this morning when the snow (but not the wind) stops.  I'll probably do some knitting on my latest pair of socks.

sock underway,
in trekking xxl yarn, color #470
(on size 0 needles, rather than the 2's recommended, which is probably why I am getting psychedelic pooling rather than the self-striping the yarn is known for)

Dinner will get made (tonight's menu:  venison sloppy joes with either baked sweet potatoes, or sweet potato fries, I haven't totally decided yet).  I will go to Parent Night at the high school (last home basketball game of the year) and walk with DD2 when she is introduced as one of the varsity cheerleaders.  I will go to choir practice.  Life will continue, despite the fact that it is cold outside.

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